Bingham Cup 2024 - Rome

Thursday 23rd - Sunday 26th May 2024

Renegades line up:

Y. Aravindan, A. Breadman, P. Davey, T. Elliott, T. Ford, A. Glen, C. Grove, M. Hasker, J. Hirst, A. Hodgson, A. Holdsworth, R. Jones, A. Laird, J. Lawlor, J. Netto, C. ORourke, JE. Rayner, JP. Rayner, J, Roach, T. Snipe, N. Sutemire, K. West, J. Whitehouse


Amsterdam Lowlanders (Pink) 19 - 39 Renegades

Renegades 21 - 0 Kings Cross Steelers (4 Pink)

Renegades 5 - 33 Emerald Warriors (3)

Emerald Warriors (3) 12 - 34 Renegades

Touwin (2) 12 - 5 Renegades

Thanks to the unwavering generosity and support at our Renegades Road to Rome fundraises, the Renegades were able to send a full team to Rome to participate in the prestigious Bingham Cup. This marked a historic milestone for the club, as it is the first time we have entered a complete team in an international tournament and our inaugural appearance at the Bingham Cup. 

On Wednesday May 22nd, the team flew out to Rome, filled with excitement and anticipation for their first appearance at the Bingham Cup. On the Thursday, the Renegades faced off against the Amsterdam Lowlanders Pink and the Kings Cross Steelers 4 Pink in their group stage matches. The team delivered dominant performances, winning both games and finishing at the top of the group. The following day the Renegades played the Emerald Warriors 3 to decide which knock-out stage branch they would be seeded into. Both teams put their bodies on the line with the Warriors walking away with the win.

In the semi-final for the Gladiator Bowl, the Renegades faced a familiar opponent in the Emerald Warriors 3, as a result of the final seedings before the knock-out stages. The team dug deep and rallied, putting in a strong and cohesive performance that demonstrated their resilience and determination. Their efforts paid off as they secured a hard-fought victory, earning a well-deserved spot in the Bowl final. On Sunday, the Renegades faced Touwin 2 in what proved to be a thrilling and closely contested match. Despite the Renegades putting in an amazing performance and keeping the game tight, Touwin managed to edge out a win by successfully kicking for points.  

Finishing 6th overall in the Gladiator Tier, the Renegades made an impressive mark at their first Bingham Cup. This achievement was a testament to the hard work and determination of every player, making the tournament an amazing way to conclude the contact season. The experience in Rome not only showcased their capabilities but also strengthened the team's bond and competitive spirit. 

Alex Holdsworth - Captain

"A few years ago, if you had told me that Renegades would be competing on the world stage, I would not have believed you. Not only did we participate in our first ever Bingham Cup, we went and absolutely smashed it with a brilliant 6th place finish in our division!

A personal highlight for me has to be the second match against the Emerald Warriors. After a tough defeat against the same team the previous day, it would have been easy to go into this game with a negative mindset. The team regrouped fantastically, and we played the game of our lives. The forwards were clinical in their set pieces, and the backs produced some thrilling attacking plays to help deliver one of the best games I’ve ever been part of. This has very much set the benchmark for our next season of IGR.

I could not be prouder of the team, and I genuinely believe the club is in such a fantastic position for the future. It was lovely to see the team come together as a family over the tour."