Reading Renegades (24) - (41) Plymouth Dolphins

Saturday 16th March 2024

After a hard fought game the Dolphins left Reading with a win. The Renegades played with pride and, despite the score, there was great improvement compared to the reverse fixture. 

Renegades line up:

Forwards: A. Glen, M. Hasker, P. Davey, R. Jones, J. Roach, C. Grove, J. Lawlor, M. Urwin

Backs: N. Sutemire, T, Elliot, T. Snipe, A. Holdsworth, J. Whitehouse, A. Hodgson, Y. Aravindan

Replacements: A. Smith, K. West, J. Netto, C. Packman, A. Breadman, B. Taylor, J. Rayner, A. Maxwell

Forward of the day - M. Hasker, A. Glen

Back of the day - All Debutes

Debutes - A. Breadman, B.Taylor, J. Rayner, A. Maxwell