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Fraser Dear - Chairperson

I firmly believe in diversity, equality and the power of Rugby. Coming from a non-Rugby background (I was into music - doh) my Rugby interest started with the Caledonian Thebans in Edinburgh nearly twenty years ago. After some time away from rugby, I returned to Reading and joined the Reading Renegades nearly two years ago! With more greys appearing every day, I have been dubbed #DaddyChair and I can’t be prouder! I am passionate about delivering the best possible environment for engagement, growth and fun within our community through our RFU and IGR families.

From : “Made in Scotland Fae Girders”  Glasgow

Favourite Thing: Ask anyone - it's a Diet Coke and a Kit Kat!

Sam Clarkson - Head of Rugby

Having Played, Coached, Refereed and Volunteered in as many ways as possible within rugby since the age of 15, I think it’s fair to say I maybe a little too obsessed with the Game! I am extremely proud to be taking on this role with a club and community that screams the values of our incredible game right to its very core. I will always strive to ensure that I can support the development of people on and off the pitch as there is so much more to Rugby than just playing, and I am extremely excited to be a part of and see not only what the Reading Renegades can achieve but also the impact that the IGR can have on our community and sport around the world!

Nickname: ‘Wiggles’ if I’m not wiggling I’m probably playing rugby

Fun Fact: I am a domestic goddess anywhere other than home

Sam - Secretary

As a member of the Reading Renegades Committee for the past 18 months, I believe that I have played a pivotal role in ensuring that our team has remained true to the core values of the IGR and Inclusive Sport. I am incredibly excited for what the new season will hold and I hope that I can continue all of the hard work begun from last year’s committee.

Inclusion and championing diversity is a central focus in everything that I do, especially being SENDCO of a local primary school, and I will be sure to take on this role with an open mind and the team’s best interest at heart. I am organised, efficient and above all passionate to challenge our team’s ethos and practice to take us from an Inclusive Rugby Team to trailblazers in Inclusive sport within our community.

Favorite Position: Hooker in the week but Flanker at the weekends.

Chris Morea - Membership and Engagement Officer

I’m Chris and I’m the Membership and Engagement officer at the Reading Renegades. I also go by the aliases ‘lil Chris’ or ‘Niffler’. Part of what I do is look at how people are engaging with us. With that, I essentially look after the people of the Club - from players to supporters, old and new. Anyone is able to use me as a bridge in and around the club. It’s a role I take great pride in and one I’m able to use my background in care, education and psychology in. I completed my Psychology degree at Aberystwyth University (shwmae!) and look at completing a Masters then Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I enjoy dad jokes, the outdoors, and I’ve had to accept the fact that I am ungracefully clumsy. I know British Sign Language, so even in silence you can’t keep me quiet. I’m all about giving a voice to the players.

Favourite position: Hooker on a good day. Occasional pocket rocket.

Alex Scott - Web & Social Engagement Officer

I joined the Renegades a year ago and after my first training session have never looked back. Having recently moved back to Reading and subsequently not knowing many people in the area, I went on the hunt for something that could both increase my fitness and make a great group of friends. Not having played rugby for the best part of 20 years, I was understandably nervous. The Renegades however were the perfect solution and I now have a fantastic friendship group, play in competitive matches and I can walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath. I tend to be glued to my phone and such decided to go for the role of Web & Social Engagement; to spread the love of the Renegades and share the passion we have with rugby.

Fun Fact: I once appeared on Blind Date (and got picked).

Tommy Snipe - Inclusion and Accessibility Officer

I joined the Renegades about a year ago after having been convinced to do so by the Bristol Bisons. I met them at Bristol Pride, and they were so welcoming and inclusive that I knew I had to join my local team. So, the following Thursday I rocked up at my first Renegades training session and I haven't looked back since!

I want to ensure that everyone who wants to can be a part of the Renegades. In my day-job I'm an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager in the NHS and I look forward to bringing those skills to the Inclusion and Accessibility Officer role.

Fun Fact: I once came in the Top 8 in the Pokemon National Championships

Clarke Roper - Joint Events Coordinator  

My name is Clarke, I haven’t been a Renegade for long. I joined after being welcomed at several events and seeing how much my husband was getting from the team.
The Renegades for me is more than great fitness and rugby, it’s about being apart of a community and supporting one another.
When I’m not a Renegade, I can be found trawling the skies as a long haul flight attendant. I also have 2 very spoilt dogs.
Answers to Clarke or Flyboy...

Jack Gill - Joint Events Coordinator  

My name is Jack and I’m the second half of the events coordinator. Our job involves organising events - both on and off the pitch - ensuring every member feels welcome and included, with the aim of bringing us closer as a team.
Having moved to Reading in September and not knowing anyone, I was keen to find myself a new social circle. After a couple of weeks of searching, I came across the Reading Renegades and although the initial nerves were kicking in, since my first training session they haven’t been able to get rid of me! I have recently completed my degree at Coventry University and now work as a Physiotherapist for the NHS, which definitely comes in handy on the rugby pitch!
Fun Fact: I have one femur longer than the other

Training Details


Denefield School 

Long Ln, Reading RG31 6XY


19:30 - 21:30


19:30 - 21:30



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