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For some, joining a rugby club is like taking the dog for a walk - strap on those old boots and they are ready for anything.  For someone new to the sport, it can sometimes be a bit daunting, new people, not knowing the rules, what kit do I need.......

We have put together some of your questions to help.

Q. Can I come along even if I have not played before / in a long time / since school?


Yes, Yes and Yes!  Here at the Reading Renegades, we encourage members from all experience levels to come along and see what rugby is all about.  Some of our members are old hands and thats great but many of our members joined with no previous rugby experience.  We take time to get to know our members needs and abilities before attending your first session with us and so you wont be thrown in at the deep end.  Our coaching team are fully trained to support every rugby need from how to throw the ball right through to game technique and personal fitness.

Q. What kit do I need to train?


"What kit do I need?" is a great question as there are lots of expensive and in some cases un-nessesary (for your first training session) kit out there. During the summer season all you need is trainers, gym kit, water and a towel to mop your brow!  During the contact season, we require our members to have rugby boots, mouth guard and some sturdy shorts - you dont want your slinky gym shorts being ripped at training!  Our membership pack is full of information but England Rugby provide a nice pack covering the best kit for safe rugby whcih can be found here.

Q. What does inclusive actually mean?  Is the team just for gay men?


Inclusive rugby is just that - inclusive.  The Reading Renegades has over 40 members and we are growing rapidly.  Our summer season training is open to all genders and sexual orientations, the point here is that those things should not be barriers to enjoy the fantastic sport and community that rugby enables.  Our membership does not ask you to disclose these details but we do know we have members across the entire spectrum of Straight, Gay, Bisexual, Unsure, Still Working It Out, Not Sure.   We love all our members!


Our club is currently only able to support full contact for men (regardless of thier sexual orientation) however we have close links to a ladies team locally we can refer you to.  We are often seen socialising with them as well as supporting each other at games and fundraising events.   

Q. You dont actually play games do you? I heard you just horse around in the showers.


Whilst the prospect of "shower time" for some inspires fantastical images, the reality is we are a full contact rugby club with fixtures against local teams as well as teams associated with the International Gay Rugby (IGR) association.  Our home games are played at the University of Reading grounds in Reading.  We train hard and we play hard - just take a look at our gallery and videos!

Q. I would love to come along but I am not 'out'.  


As you will be aware, our team are very active on all social medial platforms with lots of images and comments flying about all over the place.  If you want to come along but are worried about being tagged into something you would rather not be tagged into - our membership form covers that (and let us know from the get go).  All our official social media is vetted by our committee and members are able to "opt out" if the wish for thier face to be ommitted on any of our posts.

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